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For the past few years, the winery Cave Fin Bec in Switzerland has held an art and wine event called myFINBEC. Cave Fin Bec proprietor Yvo Mathier, has a passion for wine as well as art, and has created an event that brings both of these passions together as one experience.

What makes this event unique is that each year the artists paint eight wine labels on 672 stacked wood wine crates (84 crates for each painting). These eight paintings are then printed as wine labels for a special limited edition organic wine from Cave Fin Bec. Then each of the eight paintings are taken apart case by case, and these cases are filled with six bottles of wine. Each case of wine is then made available to anywhere in the world that wine can legally be shipped. All too often the work of painters is beyond the reach of most people, and myFINBEC makes it more affordable to have the chance to have a piece of original art in your home suitable for framing. It's all about sharing.

2012 myFINBEC

The first year of myFINBEC was a one day event held in June. Eight artists from around the world came to Cave Fin Bec and painted the eight wine labels for six different wines. Revok from the United States, Mode 2 from the United Kingdom, Faith 47 from South Africa, Askew One from New Zealand, ESOW from Japan, JASM from Switzerland, TRD1 from Switzerland and Demes from Switzerland. After 24 hours of painting there was a public art show at the winery so that the public could view the paintings and try the six different wines.

2013 myFINBEC

The second year of myFINBEC was painted as a solo show by artist David Choe from Los Angeles. All eight paintings were painted from June 1 through June 7th with an art show for the public at the winery in Sion on June 8th. David Choe is known for his dirty style of art, and his eight paintings for myFINBEC 2013 had a huge impact visually and also made excellent wine labels. His work has been shown in galleries and art shows around the world. In 2008 he painted a portrait of President Barak Obama that was displayed in the White House. In 2005 David Choe painted the Facebook offices and received company stock rather than cash and today that stock is worth over 200 million dollars. His work is the cover art for Jay-Z and Linkin Park's multi-platnium release "Collision Course".