In addition to the two paintings created for the wine labels, each artist will create a series of artworks - small paintings on canvas or cardboard, sketches on wood or whatever the artst would like to create. Each small artwork in the series comes with 2 bottles of grand cru organic natural wine from Swiss winery Cave Fin Bec. The bottles are labeled with the paintings of the artist. New artists sketches will be released every few months.

myFINBEC started in Switzerland in 2012, when artists from around the world would come to Switerland to paint eight murals on 672 wood wine crates. These paintings were then used as the label art for wine labels. The eight paintings were then taken apart case by case and filled with bottles of wine and each case of wine was sold individually.

Each year we have tried to change the scope of the project to keep the concept interesting, the myFINBEC concept needed to be reconceptualized in order to evolve the project.

Instead of having all of the artists come to Switzerland to paint, we are going to the studios of the artists where they create paintings for the wine labels. In wine making, the concept of “terroir” means the grapes you grow will take on the characteristics of the soil where the vines are grown. In the same sense an artist’s style and technique is influenced by where they grew up and where they create. We will create a short video for each artist to give a unique perspective and insight on their creative process.