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VR-NISSAGE #3 with John Wentz is an interactive art exhibition featuring twenty-two original paintings by muralist, street artist and portrait painter John Wentz from San Francisco. This art exhibition is downloaded directly to your computer where it is experienced only in virtual reality, and you can freely walk around in the exhibition space and your real-life motions are reflected in the virtual reality environment. If you enjoy visiting art exhibitions, but you can't due to the coronavirus, this is a safe way for you to visit an art exhibition from your home. Set in a natural space to display these paintings, virtual reality transforms your room into a serene open space to escape to. Each painting has been carefully replicated in virtual reality to exact measurements, color and texture of the original artworks. For the VR-NISSAGE series, we set out to create a better experience on every level than going to an actual art gallery opening. VR-NISSAGE is the next evolution of the art gallery. An art gallery that only exists in virtual reality, but can reach a much larger international audience. Each virtual reality exhibition space is totally designed around the artworks to present the paintings in a truly fascinating and engaging environment for the visitor. You can choose to visit the virtual reality exhibition alone to see the paintings quietly, meet with just your friends from around the world and discuss the art, or converse with new people and other art aficionados. For each exhibition we produce, we create a hyperrealistic true-to-life 3D live animated model of the artist that can can meet and have a conversation with collectors inside the virtual space. The artist wears a full body 3D motion capture suit with realtime facial scanning so that the avatar of the artist in virtual reality can interact live and have a conversation with those attending the exhibition.