virtual reality art exhibitions

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galleries created in virtual reality.
The next evolution art gallery.

Our mission with VR-NISSAGE was to take the concept of an art gallery to the next level by reinventing it, and take every aspect of a traditional art exhibition and improve on it. Our concept for this new and improved art exhibition would be immediately available to everyone globally, and the virtual space the artworks would be displayed in would be like lucid dreaming, surreal and otherworldly. The virtual reality exhibition space is highly immersive, so the person in this space can freely walk around their living room at home, looking at the artworks and interacting with objects, but would truly feel like they are physically in this virtual space. The purpose of this VR exhibition is to make art shows more dynamic and exciting for those attending the show, better than actually attending a real life art exhibition. The artist would also be able to attend the exhibition in virtual reality via a live animated avatar with streaming audio, this way the artist can meet and have conversations with the people attending the show from around the world. This social element is paramount to this experience in virtual reality, this way you can meet and have a conversation with other visitors from around the world attending this art exhibition, sharing the experience together. Available artworks in the virtual reality exhibition are for sale via cryptocurrency, USD / EURO.